Brevet d'Études Moyennes and Algerian Baccalaureate 




The school's principles in relation to the Brevet d'Études Moyennes (BEM) and the Algerian Baccalaureate are set out in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Algerian and British governments that established the British School Algiers.


  •  The language of instruction is English.
  • The school is organised in accordance with the British primary and secondary education system.
  • The school's curriculum does not include religious education. For Algerian pupils, the teaching of the Arabic language, and the history and geography of Algeria is also included in the curriculum. Algerian culture will be respected. The content of these modules will be subject to coordination between the school and the Algerian Ministry of National Education.
  • Algerian pupils will be supported in their preparation for the "Brevet d'Études Moyennes" and the Algerian "Baccalaureate".
  • The qualifications offered by the school will be recognised in Algeria.


The school will deliver the British curriculum in English. 

All students will have the opportunity to study Arabic.  The teaching of Arabic will be one of the specialisms of the school at both primary and secondary levels. 

In the primary school, Arabic will be integrated into the lessons during both topic and story-based lessons with the result that the language will be contextualised and not taught as discrete vocabulary or grammar items. 

In the secondary school students will study one of two courses: "Arabic as a First Language" and "Arabic as a Foreign Language".  Students who previously followed the Algerian curriculum will study the "Arabic as a First Language" course.  The school's "Arabic as a First Language" syllabus will cover those aspects of Arabic required by the BEM and Baccalaureate. 

For the BEM and Baccalaureate in Mathematics, Science, French and English, the Algerian and British curriculums have been mapped to find those topics which are included in the Algerian curriculum but not covered in the British curriculum. The school will ensure that these topics are covered in the delivery of the British curriculum. 

For Algerian students, Algerian history and geography will be taught in Arabic. 

In Years 10 and 13, Algerian students will receive additional support to enable them to answer the types of questions that appear in the BEM and Baccalaureate respectively. 

All students will take University of Cambridge IGCSEs and Cambridge A levels in Years 11 and 13 respectively.