Aims of the British School Algiers

to develop students who will thrive in an international environment.

Our students

a) will have a global perspective; one which is tolerant, inclusive, respectful and welcoming to other cultures b) will be thoughtful with enquiring minds and a broad education

c) will gain qualifications commensurate with their abilities

d) will attain a high level of English

e) will have integrity in all that they say and do and treat everyone, irrespective of their position, with dignity and respect

f) will demonstrate diligence in everything they face

g) will go on to make a difference to our world 

Our teachers

a) will have expertise in the subject areas that they teach as well as the pedagogy relating to their subject areas

b) will have a professional approach with everyone they work with thereby creating a positive school ethos with good relationships

c) will have high standards in terms of their expectations for their students relating to the ability and needs of their students and who will make effective use of current international best practice in their teaching.

In summary

BSA students are cultured, thoughtful global citizens with enquiring minds and a broad education. They will go on to make a difference to our world. 

Founder:  Graham McAvoy.  Headteacher: Jonathan Warner

British School Algiers,  89 rue Mohamed Boulouh, Gué de Constantine, Algiers 16048 Tel  0555 251 971