Headteacher, Mr Justin Blakebrough

Previous to starting at the British School Algiers, I have been the Principal of The British School Alexandria in Egypt since August 2015. I have 39 years of teaching experience in British education, in both the independent and state sectors in the UK, as well as three years’ teaching in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was Headteacher of a successful 11-18 comprehensive school in Chester in the North West of England for eight years, prior to my time in Egypt.

I studied Electronic Physics and Philosophy at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth before completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Bristol University.  I later gained a Master of Arts in Educational Management at York University and the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). I am also an accredited British Schools Overseas inspector.

Head of Senior School - Rebecca Temple

Having been a teacher for over 25 years, I am delighted to be now working with the students, staff and parents at British School Algiers. I qualified as a teacher at Birmingham University after completing a degree in Genetics at The University of Liverpool. Since then, I have qualified as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) amongst other professional qualifications and had the opportunity to work at the best performing (top 1%) schools and Trusts in the UK. My husband is Algerian, so I am extremely proud that my two children can experience the unique collaboration between Algeria and Britain that BSA offers, including high standards of teaching and learning in English with its respect for Algerian culture and the teaching of the Arabic language.

Head of Primary School -  Oliver Bedford

Before joining the British School Algiers, I taught for a number of years in London, UK and also at three international schools in Seoul and Busan in South Korea.

I graduated with a degree in European Theatre Practices before gaining my PGCE at Middlesex University, London. I am now currently working towards my NPQLT qualification to help support and guide the teaching and learning in the classroom and help promote a love for continued learning for both the teachers and students that I work with each day.

Throughout my career I have taught across all areas of Primary, but a main focus has been within EYFS and Key Stage One. I believe it is fundamental to help develop a level of excitement and passion for learning from an early age so that children can be continually passionate as they move through their academic journey.  
In my personal life I am passionate about travel, learning from other cultures and transferring my experiences into the classroom    to make a rich and vibrant experience for my students. I love 


Deputy Head of Primary School - Aisha Kola

I am an experienced and dedicated primary school teacher with a strong belief in the role of education in shaping independent and successful individuals. With a degree in primary education from Roehampton University, I have held various leadership positions during my years of teaching in the UK. I am motivated to bring my skills to a new school that values continuous improvement and openess. 

My teaching approach emphasises hands-on, joyful, and inclusive learning, characterised by empathy and mutual support. I have extensive experience in teaching Key Stage One and Two, producing excellent outcomes. Pursuing the NPQSL programme enhances my senior leadership expertise and fosters a thriving culture for pupils and staff. I am committed to providing future generations with the best education possible and look forward to working with like-minded colleagues to achieve this goal. 

In my personal life, I enjoy travelling with my husband to explore new cultures. These travels have allowed me to cultivate an open classroom environment that celebrates diversity. akola@britishschoolalgiers.com 


I am married with two daughters and have a range of interests including music, independent travel and skiing.

E-mail: head@britishschoolalgiers.com


reading, the theatre, music and art and believe that developing
creativity for children is fundamental. In Mr Bedford's class, we all love to sing! obedford@britishschoolalgiers.com


Head of English - Michael Maddison

I have been teaching for twenty one years in a variety of schools both in the UK and around the world in addition to acting as Head of English in a number of institutions. I am a qualified Advanced Skills Teacher and take pride in providing structured and engaging lessons for all students, enabling them to achieve their potential. I have a genuine passion for my chosen subject, both the linguistic intricacies of the language and the potential for literature to inspire young people to reflect on themselves and the values of society and humanity itself. As part of a pedagogical research project, ‘Let’s Think in English’, working with King’s College London, I was afforded the opportunity of focusing on the process of learning. This has enabled me to incorporate specific strategies aimed at developing reasoning skills and critical thinking.

Outside of school I am a dedicated family man with two children. I love to read, swim and play the guitar in addition to travelling when possible and exploring new cultures.


Head of Maths - Laura Kadri

I have a broad experience of over 20 years working with children of all ages both in England and two years teaching in Cyprus. I was Numeracy Leader alongside teaching secondary Mathematics at an Ofsted Outstanding school in England, prior to moving out to Algeria with my family.

I am married with four children and my other interests include reading and exploring the beautiful country of Algeria.


Head of Science - Asmaa Mansouri

I hold  a master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry from USTHB University Algiers and recently a PGCE degree (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) from Carnegie Education School Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom.

My career started as an analyst in a quality control laboratory. I soon realised that I need to change profession into another that suits my ambitions and dynamism. Being a teacher allowed me to be creative, think and always come up with new ideas, share and gain knowledge, learn and discover. This makes me feel that I am building a rich career and this is what I always desired.

I have been teaching since 2019, first at CSA, Central School Algiers, learning British teaching methodology with Doctor Rose Stockwell.  I transferred to British School Algiers as a Science and Chemistry teacher where, in addition to teaching ,I work with my tutees,  listening to and solving their problems.  I am  passionate about Art and Crafts  and ran an Art club during Enrichment.   At BSA, I am surrounded by an experienced and professional team enabling me to promote the best teaching approach and therefore provide a good learning environment. 


Head of Arts - Lokmane Mechanen

During my time at university, I worked on several research projects related to strength and conditioning to maximize performance for young athletes, as well as providing a fitness testing service for a number of sports clubs.  

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Physical Education and Sports Science, I went on to teach in a private secondary school for a year before starting teaching at British School Algiers, while simultaneously completing a PGCE. 

My approach to Physical Education is focused on teaching skills in different, fun, and creative ways which also incorporate science.  My aim is for students to become physically competent, and have a solid background in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and sociology which will give them an upper hand in their future academic lives. lmechanen@britishschoolalgiers.com

Head of Humanities - Fatma Bendida

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Sciences and a master's degree in Finance. After I graduated, I was employed by a bank and many private companies but always felt drawn to teaching.

In 2017, I taught Business, Economics, and Mathematics in an International British School which was a delightful experience.
I Joined British School Algiers in 2021 to teach Business Studies where I was warmly welcomed into the school community. Now, I am a dedicated business teacher and Head of the Faculty for Business, Humanities, and Languages. I am passionate about teaching and strive to make a positive impact on the lives of my students.
 As an ambitious person, I am constantly seeking new ways to challenge myself and improve my skills. I believe in the power of education to transform lives and make a positive impact on the world, and I am committed to doing my part to make that a reality.
In my free time, I enjoy reading and exploring new places. I believe that education is the key to unlocking a better future, and I am proud to be part of a profession that helps students achieve their goals and reach their dreams . fbendida@britishschoolalgiers.com


I add to this various useful teaching/learning methods that I learnt at Algerian school which results in a great set of learning techniques for our students. amansouri@britishschoolalgiers.com