Student Admissions Policy 

The Algerian and British governments have agreed that British international schools should be set up to meet their common interests, namely:

  •        Desirous of strengthening the ties of friendship which already exist between the two countries;
  •        Mutually recognising the importance of opening British international schools accessible to students wishing to participate in school         programmes recognised in Algeria and the United Kingdom;
  •       Believing that greater mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of education will facilitate the achievement of these objectives;       and
  •       Desiring to promote the teaching of the language and culture of each of the two countries.

Extract from bilateral accord signed by

Algerian & British governments
09 March 2020

Children from the British diplomatic community have priority to be admitted to British international schools. These schools are also open to Algerian students, as well as to children of third-country nationals temporarily or permanently resident in Algeria.

The British School Algiers is recognised by the Algerian and British governments as a British international school in Algeria. The British School Algiers has adopted the following order of prioritisation in considering applications from parents for places for their children at the school

  1.        Children from the British diplomatic community;
  2.        Children of British nationals who work or are resident in Algeria;
  3.        Children of other foreign nationals;
  4.        Children of Algerian nationals;

Children must have a level of English language competence which indicates that they are ready to be taught in English. As part of the admissions process, children whose current primary language is not English will be given an English language assessment. In preparation, parents are urged to use the time between now and the opening of the School to seek English language tuition opportunities for their children.

Where Algerian families are returning to Algeria, their children will be given an Arabic language test. The outcome of the test is used to assess the additional Arabic language support that they may be given by the School and is not taken into account in considering their application for a place. 

Some children may not be offered a place because they have special educational needs which the School is unable to meet or because of their record from their previous school.  However, parents can be assured that the School will make every effort to meet the needs of children with special education needs.

If the demand for places exceeds the number of places available, places will be offered in accordance with the priorities set out in this Admissions Policy. Within an admission category, priority will be given to children who have a sibling already attending the school and then places will be offered in the order that reservations are made.


School Organisation

The British School Algiers will be organised in two parts, the Primary school and the Secondary school.

  • PrimarySchool                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   When the School opens, the Primary School will comprise Years 1 to 6. In future years, a Kindergarten year will be introduced for students from 4 years old. 
  • Secondary School                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      When the School opens, the Secondary school will cater for Years 7 to 10  students.  In each subsequent year, another year group will be introduced, until all students from Years 7-13 are accommodated.

The British curriculum is organised as four Key Stages (KS), plus the final two years which are traditionally called the Sixth Form. They may be called Senior School or Upper School and are sometimes referred to as KS 5.

This table provides a comparison of Algerian and British Year Groups.

*Age on starting the year group

†KG is Kindergarten (Pre-school)


To apply for your children to attend the British School, please complete the Application Form below and submit