Frequently Asked Questions  

1       How can I apply for a place at the School for my child 

  • You can apply online by using the "Student Application Form" link on the Home, Admissions or Contact Us pages. 

2       Is the school open?

  • Yes, we have been open since November 2020 

3       Where will the international school be located?

  •   The School is in Kaouch, Cheraga.
4       How much are the fees for the international school?

  •  The fees are paid in three equal instalments prior to the start of each term. For new students, the Term 1 fees must be paid in order to       reserve a place. Please ask for details.

5       What is included in the fees?

  • Lunch and text books are included in the fees. 

6       Does the school provide home/school transport for student

  • No

7       Does my child have to take any kind of entrance exam?

  • Teaching  is in English and so your child will be only be offered a place at the School if their level of English language is adequate. Your child will be required to take an assessment in English to ascertain their level.  If your child is close to the required standard you will be advised to enrol them in English classes over the summer prior to the opening of the School. 

8       Which curriculum will students follow at the School?

  •  The curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum which is tailored to our context of being a British International school in Algeria.

9       What exams will they take and qualifications will they get?

  • The students will take IGCSEs at the end of Year 11. Typically, students take between 7 and 9 IGCSEs. The final exams are called A levels.  Students sit for A levels in Year 13. Most students take 3 A levels though some take more.

10    Does the British School offer the International Baccalaureate?

  •  No. It offers IGCSEs and A levels. 

11     Are Cambridge International A levels equivalent to an International Baccalaureate?

  •  In terms of university access, A levels are equivalent to the International Baccalaureate. 

12     Are A levels recognised internationally?

  •  A levels are recognised worldwide. 

13     Will the Algerian baccalaureate and the British A levels be available in the summer of 2021?

  •  No. The Algerian baccalaureate and British A levels will not be available until the summer of 2024. 

14     Does the School cater for students in the primary, middle and secondary years?

  • The British International School is an "all through" school for children from 4 to 18 years old.  However, in the first year of operation, students will be admitted to Years 1 to 10. Please see the Comparison of UK & Algerian Year Groups table on the School Admissions page. 

15     Do you offer a dual curriculum?

  • No, the school follows the UK curriculum. The language of teaching will be English except for French lessons. Arabic language and the Algerian Geography and History syllabuses are taught in Arabic. 

16     What about when it comes to national exams in Algeria?

  •  Algerian children will be supported to take the BEM and the Algerian Baccalaureate. 

17     Will there be a psychologist at the British School?

  • The School will not have a psychologist. Parents can expect their children to enjoy attending the British School because of the way that they will be taught. However, if a child requires specialist support, we will seek specialist advice. 

18     What arrangements do you have for when students do not understand a topic and they are falling behind?

  • Our teachers use a range of strategies in their classes to ensure they are aware of students' levels of understanding. Questioning techniques employed during the lessons and assessment for learning strategies used at the end of every lesson will indicate immediately which students have grasped a topic/concept fully and those who have not.  If some students have not understood the topic, the teacher will adapt their teaching for the coming lessons.  In addition, where necessary, teachers will provide further assistance to those students. 

19     Where do the students do sport?

  • Sport is delivered by a sports specialist teacher using our hardcourt and all-weather playing field.

20     What about Geography and History?      

  • All students are able to study International Geography and History at IGCSE and A level if they wish but these subjects are not compulsory at the British School from Year 10 onwards. Algerian students will study Algerian History & Geography.